Change Climate Change Now!

Change Climate Change Now!
Change Climate Change Now!
Mother Earth withers away
Her suckling breasts slumped dry…
Her children die of thirst
The unborn looks in desperation
Fear this home may not be theirs
Today is gone but tomorrow must live.
A Mother is one, never will be replaced
Play your part, refill the milk
Leave this place better than you met
Get up now!
Take a quick action!
One tree, one life, one planet
Live green, think green, act green
Shine a light and save a space
Change climate change today
For posterity to relish
Count me in
I print my name – Janet  
I stand up today
To change climate change today
And shine a light for posterity


Janet Molisa-Mukoko March 1, 2016

Janet Molisa-Mukoko, WWF Cameroon
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