New faces at NACSO

Matthew and Herman
Matthew and Herman

Two new interns have just joined NACSO’s Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP). Matthew Walters and Herman Aindongo are both graduates of NUST, the Namibian University of Science and Technology, with degrees in Natural Resource Management. Both have a passion for nature and Namibia’s landscapes, and are looking forward to working with the Natural Resources Working Group.

The CLP Programme has been running for five years, with the aim of developing a cadre of young professionals in conservation. Since 2012, up to three CLP interns have joined the programme annually. The hands-on training they have received under NACSO’s umbrella, with WWF, IRDNC, NDT, NNF and the NACSO Secretariat has expanded their theoretical and practical knowledge of CBNRM, and led to diverse career options.

CLP graduates are now working in the private sector, for NACSO member organizations, and pursuing post-graduate degrees outside of Namibia. The aim of the programme is to bring committed young Namibians into conservation and to open opportunities for them.

Community conservation also stands to gain from the programme. CLP graduates who are now working for NACSO member organizations in the field are making a substantial contribution as young professionals with considerable responsibilities; and those who are studying may well return to make an even greater contribution.

In that spirit we welcome Matthew and Herman to the programme.

Steve Felton
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