Conservation in need of support


With Maurus Nekaro Conservancy listed as Namibia’s 83rd conservancy, another community has joined the conservation movement. Maurus Nekaro is the first Kavango conservancy to the west of Rundu, separated from Angola by the Okavango River. More information on this conservancy in the Musese area will follow on our site.

Like many conservancies and community forests, Maurus Nekaro will benefit from technical assistance from NACSO and its member organisations. This week, NACSO has put out a call for interested parties – NGOs and individuals – to register their expertise with us. NACSO often needs to outsource research, analysis, programming and project management to suitably qualified consultants.

Please look at the Call for Expressions of Interest to see if you can be of assistance to NACSO and Namibian conservation now or in the future. We would love to add you to our database!

Steve Felton
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