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Drought and erosion in Namibia
Drought and erosion in Namibia

WWF has launched a new initiative called Climate Crowd, an initiative that brings together and supports a network of partners to gather data on how climate change is impacting people and nature, and supports on-the-ground projects that help rural communities adapt, while reducing pressure on biodiversity.

As a part of this initiative, WWF partnered with staff from Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation in Namibia, with Greenline Africa in Zimbabwe, and communities in south-west Zambia.

On Climate Crowd, initial reports are also available from Kenya, Madagascar and Mexico. The site features a Climate Adaption Project Database and shows how you, me, NACSO and its partners, and communities, can participate in climate change adaption.

Southern Africa has a proud record of fighting for rights. Now the earth is fighting for its life. We have lost 60% of vertebrate species in the last 40 years. Put it another way: in the lifetimes of most of us, more than half of the species our parents saw everyday have been wiped out.

Climate change causes habitat loss, increasing the loss of biodiversity: plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and fish.

But climate change is hard to see precisely. Devastating cyclones in Mozambique may be due to climate change or may have occurred anyway, but climate change is causing more extreme weather events. Look at the Namibia Summary from Climate Crowd: Communities report decreased rainfall, drought, and more significantly: changes in the timing of the seasons.

NACSO believes in CBNRM as a climate adaption strategy. Livelihoods based on tourism and wildlife are a valuable diversification away from reliance on agriculture alone. But we need to work with communities to help them to understand that climate change – global heating – is happening now and impacting our lives.

Climate Crowd provides data gathering tools and evidence that can help us in our work.

Steve Felton
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