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Mighty  Ugwanga and Milton Mushindi
Mighty Ugwanga and Milton Mushindi

NACSO is excited about the two new young and enthusiastic interns under the Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme. This two year internship at NACSO started in 2012 and has since groomed fourteen young people, from various tertiary institutions, in the different sectors of the CBNRM programme. Some have remained in the programme and continue to contribute immensely while bringing in new ideas, while others have pursued further studies and branched out into different areas. As an institution, NACSO is always pleased to see one of their own make a difference and bring about change in their sphere of influence.

Meet the intakes of 2019:

Mighty Ugwanga comes from Omusati region - north central Namibia. She came to Windhoek in 2011 to study Tourism Management at the University of Namibia, with the hope of satisfying her childhood hobby of travelling. As she became acquainted with the subject she realised that tourism was more complex than just travelling and that it contributed to the economy and dealt with sustainability. As she joins the internship programme, Mighty looks forward to learning more about the role of tourism in conservation. During the two-year internship, she would love to network and build strong relationships with leaders in the conservation programme, exchange knowledge on improving existing conservation practices in Namibia, and pass on what she has learnt to future generations.

Milton Mushindi has an Honours Degree in Animal science which he obtained in 2018 from the University of Namibia. He is from the Kunene region and is passionate about animals, travelling, exploring the beautiful Namibian landscapes and interacting with its diverse ethnic groups. During the internship programme, he is keen on learning more about conservancies and working with rural communities in helping conserve wildlife.

We are pleased to welcome Mighty and Milton to our team and look forward to working with them and the value they’ll add to the team.

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