Do you know how much plastic you consume?

Do you know how much plastic you consume?
Do you know how much plastic you consume?

The average person eats and drinks a coat hanger worth of plastic every month, according to the World Wildlife Fund. On average we consume five grams of plastic every week - the equivalent of a credit card or disposable pen lid. According to WWF, we eat 100,000 microplastics every year.

Microplastics are tiny fragments that have entered the environment as larger plastic break down - ending up in our food, water and the air we breathe. At the same time, some common food and drink, as well as cosmetics and other products, also contain plastics we end up consuming.

Plastic pollution has been a hot topic for years, recently people are taking more action on reducing their use of plastic. Here are a few things you could do:

  • Stop buying bottled water
  • Stop using plastic wrap
  • Reuse single-use plastic where you can
  • Ditch the liquid soap and go back to bars
  • Carry reusable shopping bags
  • Start composting

Read more here and inform yourself on how you can make a difference and support a green environment.

Neil Shaw - KentLive News



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