Facing the facts

We declare...
We declare...

The facts are speaking. Dr Chris Bown of the Namibian Chamber of the Environment asks us all to spread the facts as outlined by 11,000 scientists last week. The climate emergency is a fact.

Last week’s article on plastic pollution also talked about wildfires. In an article ‘Climate change makes bushfires worse’, Australian writer Richard Denniss makes the point: denying the truth doesn’t change the facts. It’s brilliantly written and well worth reading. For wildfires read drought. For Australia read Namibia.

If we know the facts we can act, and advocate change to those in power. Fact is: carbon emissions rose to an all-time high last year. Still driving a petrol car to work instead of taking a bike? You have a choice.

Fact is: 400,000 species of insects face extinction due to pesticides. When they go, we go too. If we insist on organically grown food, which would cost more but taste better, we could avert the end of life as we know it. Maybe a lifestyle choice worth considering?

Use social media. Write emails. Join marches. Tell your politicians, manufacturers, farmers, shops and NGOs that climate change is an emergency. Demand that they face the facts.

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