Voices in Conservation-Fabian Libanda

Fabian Libanda, Acting Manager - Salambala Conservancy
Fabian Libanda, Acting Manager - Salambala Conservancy

"Come and see what nature has to offer this side of the country. The area is well managed by community members who are well educated about conservation management and the benefits of conservation for future generations." Fabian Libanda, Acting Manager, Salambala Conservancy.

Nature was created by God and we are custodians of the environment and have to look after it. Without nature, there is no wildlife and beautiful trees. We depend on nature for everything.

Poaching in the area has been mainly subsistence poaching on small game and warthogs. There were poaching incidences of 1 wildebeest and 1 kudu and arrests for these were made. Commercial poaching has been low in the area because of the joint patrols between MEFT, IRDNC, the police, and the conservancy. Poaching also decreased because of the awareness raised in the community on the sustainable use of natural resources.

The game guards continued with their patrols during the lockdown and the COVID period. If we stop patrolling, our natural resources will not be monitored and well maintained.

COVID 19 negatively affected income streams to the conservancy. There has been no hunting and no tourists coming into the area. We are not able to interact with people and share our beautiful region with its vast landscape and beautiful culture. We have not been able to share our beautiful Namibia.

Through managing natural resources in a sustainable manner over the past 6 months from January to June, these were some of the benefits to members in the conservancy:

  • Cash benefits of about N$ 15 000 in 18 areas and to the Traditional Authority
  • Assisted with infrastructure for the Traditional Authority
  • Contributed towards the building of teachers houses at a local school
  • Installed toilets for old age pensioners
Siphiwe Lutibezi
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