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Sunnypo Imalwa and Albertina Fillipus
Sunnypo Imalwa and Albertina Fillipus

NACSO is excited to welcome two new interns under the Donald Hamer Conservation Leadership Programme. This internship has been taking in young people from various fields of study for about 9 years. Even during these times of the pandemic we are elated at the opportunity to groom graduates into young professionals in the field of conservation.

Meet the 2021 intakes:

Born and raised in Windhoek, Sunnypo Imalwa is a fervent individual who holds an Honours Degree in Tourism Management (Heritage Studies) obtained from the University of Namibia. She is currently studying for her Masters in Marketing at the Namibia University of Science and technology and volunteering with TOSCO (Tourism Supporting Conservation) Trust. Sunnypo has a huge passion for travelling to places dominated by nature and is an avid animal lover. She chose to further her studies in Marketing to integrate it with the field of tourism and to develop a broader knowledge horizon. Her goals and aspirations are directed towards knowledge growth, travelling, and engaging in constant research of conservation especially in tourism. She aspires to become a key role player in conservation and environmental awareness. After completing the CLP program she hopes and strives to gain a greater insight into conservation; to create a network of contacts with different stakeholders; and to develop communication skills which she can match with her current qualification that she is pursuing.

Albertina Fillipus is a detail-oriented young conservation enthusiast from Ohangwena Region. She holds a Bachelor and Honours Degrees in Natural Resources Management and also currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in the same field from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. She chose this field of study because of her love for exploring nature and desire to understanding the complexity of ecology, as well as contributing to the sustainability of our natural resources. Her prime goal is to become a reliable expert in the field of natural resources management. Albertina is passionate about learning, travelling, photographing landscapes, plants and animals. One of her goals is to inspire other young people and raise awareness about Namibia’s wildlife resources. She believes that the CLP internship will expose her to a lucrative working environment that will help her put her academic knowledge to practical use and enrich her CBNRM knowledge. Her ability to sieze every possible opportunity and gather hands-on experience in natural resources management reflects her commitment to conservation.

NACSO wishes the two ladies success during their journey of learning.

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