Voices in conservation - Marius Kock

Marius Vainen Kock
Marius Vainen Kock

Marius Kock is a young Game guard from Oskop conservancy. He has been serving in this position for a year now. His job responsibilities include doing regular patrols in the conservancy, monitoring wildlife and other natural resources, and conducting anti-patrols to combat illegal wildlife hunting.

“My job also gives me the opportunity to get in touch with nature. Seeing wildlife and exploring the landscapes is fascinating and relaxing. “I am proud to be a game guard and would like to become an expert in the field of conservation. I am glad that my family also values my job as much as I do. They always encourage me not to stop what I am doing. This means a lot to me.”

We do not experience many poaching activities in our area. We, the game guards do regular patrols and make sure that that does not happen. Although there the vegetation is sparse, the wildlife population is increasing rapidly. Livestock is also doing well and therefore increased competition for grazing between wildlife and livestock.

Covid-19 has negatively affected community conservation and most especially our job as game guards because we are not as active as we used to anymore. We are afraid of getting infected. Since the state of emergency has been enacted, we do not do large gatherings anymore, including community meetings. I would like to encourage everyone to stay safe and follow the state of emergency rules and regulations. I cannot predict the future, but I have hope that things will get back to normal soon.

In Oskop conservancy we have certain tree species that are endemic and unique to our country such as quiver trees. To the tourists, do not be scared to visit our country. Your health is our concern too. Visit us and experience our beautiful landscapes and wildlife such as springboks and gemsboks. We are ready to welcome you back to our conservancy.

Victoria Amon
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