Voices in Conservation-Tania Fisch

Tania Fisch, Vice Treasurer for !Khob !Naub Conservancy since 2019
Tania Fisch, Vice Treasurer for !Khob !Naub Conservancy since 2019

My responsibilities as a Vice-Treasurer include preparing and presenting financial reports. In the absence of my supervisor, I authorize payment requests by the conservancy and manage financial reports.

I love working in the community and learning about rural development. Being part of the conservancy committee has taught me a lot. Not only on taking up big responsibilities but also interacting with people from different backgrounds.

Nature is important to us because it provides us with the resources that help us to take care of our wellbeing, and that is why we should also take good care of it, we are part of nature. I love being in nature because it allows me to connect with my inner self. Whenever I feel lost, I go out to reflect to help me focus on brighter things.

Poaching is a big problem in our area that is becoming a big concern now. Some locals assist in fighting against wildlife crime, but not much support comes from the police. We also have a communication problem in terms of mobile network connection and other means of informing the relevant people.

The landscape looks bad because of the drought, leading to wildlife population decreasing in the area as they move to other areas in search of water and grazing. Scavengers like jackals also take advantage of this opportunity to prey on weak animals.

All our essential activities stopped during the first phase of the state of emergency for Covid-19. The MEFT and other conservation stakeholders came to our rescue with a grant and now we will be able to pay game guard allowances, Human-Wildlife Conflict offsets, and anti-poaching patrols. These are things we needed for a long time, and I am sure they will make a difference.

We are ready to welcome you back to the !Khob !Naub conservancy. Please visit us and experience the beauty of the Finger Klip.

Victoria Amon
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