Voices in Conservation - Victoria Thirion

Victoria Thirion, //Gamaseb Conservancy Secretary since 2018
Victoria Thirion, //Gamaseb Conservancy Secretary since 2018

I am responsible for organizing conservancy meetings, sending out meeting notices and taking minutes, handling conservancy correspondences, and safekeeping conservancy documents.

Over the past few years, the landscape has drastically changed negatively due to drought and climate change. There is subsistence poaching that takes place now with some community members involved. The conservancy makes sure to sensitize its members, but it is hard to keep track of domestic poachers because people are scared to report or identify them.

I have high regard for nature because we highly depend on it as farmers, to sustain our livestock and wildlife with grazing. I feel free and very spontaneous with nature.

The effect of covid-19 is not that bad on nature, but it has a huge impact on my job. I am unable to arrange meetings and do activities for the conservancy to move forward. I have a very positive feeling towards the future despite what we are currently going through.

During the lockdown period and the different levels of the State of Emergency, we had to postpone most of our activities due to the rules and regulations that were put in place. We need to stick together and do internal interactions with the community and make sure we stay united as a country.

When time allows, we are ready to welcome you back to the //Gamaseb conservancy situated in the south of Namibia.

Victoria Amon
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